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How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories

How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories - Cherise Kelley I saw this on NetGalley awhile ago and immediately marked it as 'not for me'. Then I saw Nemo post that one of the stories in here is about how a woman recommended GETTING HIT BY A CAR to get a husband and curiosity got the better of me. I read the excerpt.It starts with the author describing how she had guys THROWING themselves at her when she was younger (seriously, she had two guys BEG her to marry them before she was even 20, but was "silly" and let them get away), but by the time she was ready to get married at 23, all the good ones were gone or something.So she's getting on in years at the old age of 30. She has a boyfriend. She's at an airport. She's cold. So she looks around for a stranger who she can ask to borrow their coat to warm her up for a couple of minutes. WHO DOES THAT?!The stranger she asks is a Navy dude who obliges and then sits next to her on the plane. He asks her out coz she's irresistible, natch, but she has a boyfriend, so he asks to be her penpal and she says yes "just to support our troops". BRB laughing my ass off.So they write to each other yada yada yada her boyfriend dumps her on her 30th birthday yada yada yada she starts talking to this guy on the phone every day yada yada yada he asks her if he can be her boyfriend AND SHE SAYS NO because SHE ONLY WANTS A HUSBAND.And instead of saying, "OK, crazy, goodbye", he just says "OK". A few months later they get engaged.That might have worked for her, but that wouldn't work for me. Not because I couldn't land a husband that way, but because I wouldn't want to. Life shouldn't be about marriage. Sure, it's nice, but it's not the be-all and end-all. It's more important to have a satisfying, respectful, loving, equal relationship. It's even more important to have a satisfying, rich life - with or without a relationship/marriage. I say this as someone happily married to an awesome guy. Here's my advice on how to get him to marry you: Forget about getting him (or her!) to marry you. Focus on being happy with your own darn self so you are happy and satisfied within yourself. Don't look to someone else for identity and fulfillment. Take care of yourself. And if you find someone who wants to marry you, that's some lovely icing on your already amazing cake of a life. If not, well then, you've already got your cake. And you can eat it too.