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Adorkable - Sarra Manning You may or may not have noticed I’ve been in a massive reading slump lately. Which has put me in a blogging slump. Or maybe I’m just in a general slump. Anyway, while I have read some great books, it’s been a long time since a book made my heart sing (would it be more or less cheesy if I said that was a One Direction reference?). But this book. THIS BOOK. It made my heart smile and sing and break out into a random dance number like an extra in Glee. It was just so much fun. I was totally swept away, and loved every second of it. I may have actually let out a squee.It’s not that this is a perfect book. If I had my proper reviewer hat on, I’d point out that Jeane, a teen lifestyle blogger/superstar, is a mega bitch most of the time and drove me a little nuts, while Michael Lee, the smart, popular jock, used way too many cutesy slang words, or that their respective cheating exes act like complete turds and are forgiven way too easily – especially by Jeane. She even begs for forgiveness from both of them for being a cow, which she was, but which in this situation (if not in others) she actually has the right to be. But I’m not wearing my proper reviewer hat today (it actually got lost in the wash), so I won’t mention any of that.Instead, I’ll talk about the fact that there are a lot of really adorable interactions between Jeane and Michael. Including the ones where they’re ripping each other to shreds. Because it’s a hate-turned-grudging-like-turned-possible-love story, and those are my favourite kind. The chemistry is heart-poundingly awesome, while the sex scenes are so refreshingly real they should be used by all YA authors as a guide for how to do it right. I’ll also mention the extensive use of the Internet as more than just a passing reference, but an actual device through which the characters interact, just like normal teenagers. Sure, some of the references might make the book date very quickly, but for now they enhance its authenticity. I’ll also highlight Jeane’s vocal and unashamed feminism, her unique looks and her success, plus Michael’s frank - if sometimes unpleasant – honesty and his lovely and very present family, and lots of other little things that you just don’t see in so many cookie-cutter YA romances, and were such a delight, mostly because they were so true to life. Finally, though this is very much a “light” and fun read, I’ll point out that it’s sprinkled with an emotional authenticity (I feel like I’ve used that word way too many times in this review, but Adorkable really is just so authentic!) that gets under your skin. I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t hate smiling.Sorry Grumpy Cat, it’s probably not for you. But everyone else, go read this book.Earlier...THIS BOOK. This book pulled me out of my reading slump and possibly life slump at least a little and it was so much fun and unputdownable and I actually WANTED to read for the first time in awhile and I feel like Stella got her groove back and Austin got his Mojo back and um, Belle got her Bookshelf back. Or something. Anyway IT'S AWESOME and there will be a gushing review sometime in the near future after I've caught up on the last two months of reviews I've neglected. I'm happy right now.