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Spoiled - Heather Cocks, Jessica  Morgan This review originally appeared at http://bellesbookshelf.blogspot.com/This was fun but a little disappointing.I think it was a case of THE (Too High Expectations). Disappointment was probably inevitable because they were ridonkulously high. Go Fug Yourself is one of my fave blogs; Heather and Jessica are so damn brilliant and their blog posts are hilarious, intelligent and extremely witty. So when I found out they were releasing a YA novel, I was super excited - so much that I couldn't wait for it to be released in Australia, and ordered it on Book Depository (that site knows no borders).I thought Spoiled would be as awesome as GFY, and in some parts it was, but overall I have to say it was nothing I haven't read or seen before. The plot - focusing on a sweet girl named Molly who finds out her dad is a big time Hollywood star and her half-sister Brooke is a big time bitch - was entertaining, but predictable, and while the authors' flare for language shines at times, for the most part I felt anybody could have written this story. I guess that's why I felt let down - I wanted to be blown away by unique quirkiness and instead I got just another fluffy teen read.Of course, I like fluffy teen reads as much as the next YA addict, so I did enjoy the book - in fact, I really, really liked it. I just didn't love it, and I wanted to SO. BADLY. I adore the authors so much I was tempted to say I loved it, anyway, but I can't lie. I will say there are some gold one-liners in there, which made me mentally fist-pump the Fug Girls and think, "Oh, there you are!" The pop culture references are also a lot of fun, though I think they'll date the book very quickly - I mean, the description of Molly as a homewrecker for allegedly hooking up with Pete Wentz already rings untrue because he's split from Ashlee Simpson. But for now, it's a colourful, glossy, perky read that's enjoyable as a quick pick-me-up