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Where She Went - Gayle Forman This review originally appeared on http://bellesbookshelf.blogspot.com/So. I just finished Where She Went. I don't think I can form coherent thoughts. But I'll try.It was amazing. While If I Stay sucked me in to Adam and Mia's story, Where She Went held me there. Told from Adam's perspective and dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy that took Mia's family - and, in another way, Mia herself - away, it was a fascinating take on grief, depression, music, celebrity, loneliness, loss and love. At first I was frustrated with the angst-riddled Adam, thinking, "Really? I know she's the love of your life, but SUCK IT UP. Just a little." But then as the story unfolded, and we're told in flashbacks exactly what happened for Adam to get this way, I understood more, and thought, "OK, you're entitled to your pain."Then there was Mia - like Adam, oh, I was so angry with Mia. Well, not so much angry, more frustrated and confused. The person who cut Adam off without so much as a goodbye definitely didn't sound like the same girl who desperately yearned for him in If I Stay. But she had her reasons, too, and again, once they're explained, it all makes sense. I wasn't such a fan of the more supernatural elements of the book - which is strange, I know, considering the first one is pretty much told from the perspective of a ghost - but this one just had a different tone (rightly so) that those parts just didn't seem to gel with. For me, at least. But I loved all the answers and explanations we got, and the sense of closure at the end. Plus, I'm a sucker for all-nighter type stories and secret tours of beautiful cities. So romantic!